We’re all about the action, the sport, the rush.

Our Concept is Simple.

Cameras are expensive and they sometimes break. Downloading and editing video footage is a pain, then you have to get it out to your fans. We provide the equipment, support, editing, hosting, and marketing. We help free you up so that you can dig in and do what you do best! Think of us as your film crew, production experts, and marketing partners.


What is SkullRush?

“It’s a lifestyle, it’s a culture, it’s a passion. It’s Baja and Sonora and Mojave all rolled into one with a twist of lime.”
-Cary Jones, proprietor.


Skull Rush is located in Las Vegas, NV. Those who dare to skull rush are located throughout the world. Wherever you find the smell of race fuel in the air and the dusty grit of desert sand in your teeth you’ll find the elite members of the SkullRush Family.

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